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Welcome to See Clear Headlight Refinishing of Long Island, NY

We are your #1 choice for fixing and correcting hazy, pitted, yellowed headlights.

 Have you seen headlights that look like this?



 It’s an Epidemic!!  About 5 out of 10 vehicles three years or older have oxidised, tarnished headlights. Other issues can be rock chips, sand pitting, and dry cracking of the surface.  This can impair light output to 80%. Deterioration is gradual, so most drivers don’t even realize it’s happening and that their night driving could be dangerously limited.  


So how do you fix this problem?  Give See Clear a call and have it professionally done with a warranty. We don’t use an inferior off the shelf kit. Our process strips the lens, corrects any damage on the surface and then we reapply a new UV top coat for a true refinished lens. The results are amazing and long lasting. Pictures don’t really do it justice.


                       IMG_0401 IMAG0297                                                                                  







Our process does NOT use any type of polish or compound and a buffing wheel. Why? Simply because it does NOT work or last.  And if any type of sanding is done without reapplying a UV top coat is just a wast of time, money, and can damage the plastic to the point of having to replace.  Don’t wast your time or money trying something else and not getting the results you were promised. Let See Clear do it rite the first time. And with the protection of the #1 warranty on Long Island you have nothing to loose



Don’t live in our area but want to see the See Clear difference?  NO PROBLEM. You can send us your headlights and we will refinish and send them back to you looking brand new. Just let us know you want to send them by using our “contact us” form on the left.